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Designed by St. Legére Design Interntional Ltd, Hong Kong

The gardens of AYANA Residences have been designed by St. Legére Design International Ltd, a Hong Kong based landscape architecture and planning firm responsible for some of Asia's most beautiful properties. Founded by Dennis Selinger, St. Legére has collaborated closely with prestigious design firms worldwide and is renowned for its vast experience in balancing a region's particular cultural influences and traditions against the unique requirements and setting of each property.

For AYANA Residences, Dennis Selinger and his team combine modern style with the traditional concept of Tri Hita Kirana – the Balinese belief of balance between man, god and nature - to create a tranquil, picturesque backdrop for your home. Swaying palms, wide-spreading shade trees, and a colorful fabric of exotic tropical species provide a plethora of visual excitement. Bold textures, bright colors and refined fragrances welcome you to linger and absorb the beauty of nature poised with our own spirituality.

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デニス セレンジャー

Landscape Architect, St. Legere Design International

Dennis Selinger has been in the landscape design industry for over 30 years, with extensive experience in resorts and hotels, luxury estates, residentialdevelopments, land and site planning, and commercial projects. He founded St. Legére in 1999.

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